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Does Hilom have a jacuzzi, sauna, steam room or wet floor?

  We are moving. We will update the site when the new place is ready.
2 Does Hilom offer home/ hotel outcall services?
  Yes, Hilom does offer home/ hotel outcall services. Our rates are 900PHP for a one hour massage and 1350PHP for a one hour massage with body scrub. This does not include the taxi fare of the therapist to and from your location as well as a customary tip to the therapist
3 When is the best time to pay Hilom a visit?
  We are currently providing outcall services only while we prepare the new location.

Date/Time Comments
2010-06-11 09:06
"@belo: diba u tried derek na? ok ba sya?"

2010-06-08 17:19
"i enjoyed my time in the spa last time. thanks so much simon. you've been really nice. alam nyo kasi guys, masyado kayo sa es e. enjoy your massage with your therapist. they're actually really good. (well, for simon atleast). would indeed come back for MORE...relaxation."

2010-06-07 22:20
"hi hilom, i've been there last december 2009 i meet kurt pero sayang kasi na reserve ko na yung isang therepist nyu.. but now i want to go back pero bakit ganun super naging chubby si kurt? whats wrong with him..di na sya cute..hai...."

2010-06-03 05:34
"i have experienced GARDO on my 1st time visit in Hilom. Massagewise, good... sensual naman... but when it comes to se, medyo nagmamadali, kaya nakaka-badtrip. but i like the spa, malinis. yon lang comments ko, dapat spend some of your time para naman maenjoy ng client ang service nyo... "

2010-05-31 21:37
"@allan: yes sir, Simon is still part of our staff. @rider: Good day sir, please do give us a call so we can assist you in looking for hilom @starcock: both are not connected with Hilom anymore. @boi: the person is not connected with hilom anymore either sir."

2010-05-31 20:09
"in your "summer time" album, who's the guy in red "maharot" shirt?"

2010-05-31 03:04
"Just browsed your facebook page. Andyan pa ba si Mark at Ice?"

2010-05-29 15:07
"Hi, how do i get to your place from EDSA? "

2010-05-29 12:24
"different career path for deo? wow, that sounds like a euphemism for something. hahaha. anyway, i will surely miss the dude - my first and only conquest in MP world. can't take his eyes, smooth skin, and relative endowment off my mind. can i possibly get his private number, gardo? i lost his and gardo's number when my CP was reformatted :( and if deo is reading this, puntahan mo ko sa trinoma. palabas ako ng gym MWF 4:30pm. i want a good massage!"

2010-05-29 01:42
"is simon still connected?how old is he? thanks a lot"

2010-05-27 12:54
"@starcock: That would be Kurt sir. @jojo lim: Good day sir, Ralph has chosen not to have his photos taken just yet. @Belo: We try our best to take photos of our staff as often as possible. Sadly, it is difficult to schedule in. Thank you for your patience."

2010-05-27 11:55
"More pictures please! ;) and update the pics of your masseurs.. i don't want to expect that they still look the same in their pictures.. ;)"

 jojo lim
2010-05-27 07:54
"i went two weeks ago , i had a masseur named ralph , i am now looking at the pictures including those at the gallery how come i cannot find his picture there"

2010-05-25 17:49
"Hello Hilom, I'm interested to go and have a massage soon. Any recommendations? and how much will be the budget for ES? by the way, for the rates sa mga nakaexperience na sa Hilom anong services ang ok at worth it."

2010-05-25 17:06
"Hello Hilom, May I know if the guy in brown shirt in your 1 year photo album?"

2010-05-25 01:55
"@belo: Good day sir, yes that is indeed derek. He had his haircut shorter due to the summer heat and he has been working out more consistently. @joel: Deo has moved on to a different career path. Though we did close our doors to him and who knows we might see him back at hilom in the future."

2010-05-24 21:49
"alright. thanks! consider him booked then! ;p"

2010-05-24 12:08
"what happened to deo? how come his photos doesn't appear in the gallery anymore? still connected with hilom or any info where he transferred?"

2010-05-23 23:18
"are you sure its derick? he looks different.. more macho.. and iba haircut.."

2010-05-23 11:00
"@belo: Good day sir, that would be Derek sir."

2010-05-23 03:05
"hi hilom.. who is the third guy fromt he left (yung hindi naka-taas ang kamay) in the last Summer 2010 album? "

2010-05-23 02:35
"hi...who is the best masseur you can recommend? ;p"

2010-05-22 01:47
"hi. sino na nakatry kay simon or dave? ok ba sila? magkano rate nila sa ES?"

2010-05-21 17:38
"where do we get the unkoveredboys and m2m videos? thanks!"

2010-05-20 23:41
"hi! send my regards to kurt please. will visit and see him real soon."

2010-05-20 14:29
"Check out Jericho's (echo from the videos "unkoveredboyz" and "m2m eyeball 2") and Ryan's galleries."

2010-05-19 20:42
"@den: Good day sir, the one holding the banana is John, behind him is JR. The guy in the black sando is Simon. @dane: Good day sir, Mark does not work at Hilom anymore. @johnkyle: Thank you for your kind words sir, we do hope to see you again!"

2010-05-19 20:12
"merci beaucoup to the management of Hilom! I enjoyed my massage. I will visit Hilom on my next vacation in July...Cheers!"

2010-05-19 16:15
"I got JR last time okay siya pero medyo tumaba lang. Next month I will be in Manila i will try Marvin ot Sherwin"

2010-05-19 08:32
"hi hilom... nandiyan pa si mark?"

2010-05-18 17:18
"hi nice summer pics just want to know who is the guy holding the banana and the one behind him in the second pic and the guy in black sando and the guy behind gardo in the last pic(pool)tnx"

2010-05-18 12:41
"Check out Kenneth and John now at Q ("

2010-05-16 20:09
"Kung habol mo ganda ng katawan c Dice ang may K, si Marvin magandang rin. Performance wise it's up to you to find out ..... Sarap nilang dalawa. More muscular guys please Hilom."

2010-05-14 15:01
"@tripod: That would be John sir. @anon: The one beside Derek is JR. @down: Good day sir, we do provide home/ hotel outcall services, please do call us for further information and reservations."

2010-05-14 15:00
"It's Mike's (Marco) and John's turn to be at Q! ("

2010-05-14 07:27
"Agree na si marvin malaki, had him several times, but dave although he's a bit short (height) is gifted in other areas. And matagal staying power. "

2010-05-14 02:03
"hi there. sino ang may pinkamagandang katawan sa kanilang lahat? aside kay troy, thanks gusto ko kasi ung nilalamutak ung dibdib at kinukurot kurot habang minamasahe ako. thanks please give me top 3 sa active list nyo. "

2010-05-13 23:47
"hi, just want to ask r u doing home service?"

2010-05-11 20:11
"si marvin may pinaka malaking burat..di kasya bunganga ko.."

2010-05-11 16:44
"cnu po s Q ngaun?"

2010-05-11 13:02
"Feedbacks on Troy? please..."

 mango crepe
2010-05-10 19:58
"got a massage from john... marunong naman wala nga lang consistency sa pressure. sa ES, ang daming bawal. di man lang nga nagpalabas, buti na lang magalang parin at in fairness, maganda ang bod nya. down below, di ka masasatisfy. sinu nga ba ang malupit sa mga active list nila? "

2010-05-10 19:09
"bakit lagi di available si jordan? ang hirap nya i book. Anyone tried him before?"

2010-05-09 02:58
"HI, can I just ask, in your Summer 2010 pics, in the last shot, who is that next to Derek? Thanks!!"

2010-05-08 02:29
"I wud like to ask the name of the therapist with brown cap handling a banana, at the back of gardo on the 2nd picture of summer 2010"

2010-05-07 13:17
"Guys, I really need your feedbacks on TROY. I wanna book him for my first time in Hilom and I don't want to have a bad experience. Would you recommend someone else too. Thanks. Please help me out. I'm a newbie."

2010-05-07 01:35
"Good day sirs, due to a deluge of complaints we have received regarding alleged sexy pics of our staff (hilom does not have any photos of that nature really). We have decided to remove the comments that pertain to that. We apologize and hope for your understanding."

2010-05-06 10:12
"@rex: ikaw naman, masyado ka naman maramdamin. Sana nag request ka ahead of time para hindi madismaya ang beauty mo. Anyway, siguro naman enjoy ka sa napili mo...teka sino nga ba ang pinili mo???"

2010-05-06 00:23
"@rex: We are sad to hear that you did not enjoy your experience. We probably should explain what happened since this is part of our rotation policy so that all of our masseurs have a fair chance to earn. Masseurs that were on day-off the previous day and those that have not handled a guest earlier in the day are the first to be introduced. If a guest is not satisfied with those that were introduced to him then he can request the manager to show the rest or ask a therapist by name. We are sad to hear that this was not communicated properly to you. Again our apologies."

2010-05-06 00:18
"@nash: Good day sir, please allow for one to two days for us to process email requests regarding gallery access. It is also good to note that we do not have any other pictures of our staff other than those that are in our gallery. The sexy pictures mentioned here in this comment section was offered by a one of the guests as well. Hope for your understanding."

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