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Does Hilom have a jacuzzi, sauna, steam room or wet floor?

  We are moving. We will update the site when the new place is ready.
2 Does Hilom offer home/ hotel outcall services?
  Yes, Hilom does offer home/ hotel outcall services. Our rates are 900PHP for a one hour massage and 1350PHP for a one hour massage with body scrub. This does not include the taxi fare of the therapist to and from your location as well as a customary tip to the therapist
3 When is the best time to pay Hilom a visit?
  We are currently providing outcall services only while we prepare the new location.

Date/Time Comments
2010-05-05 23:25
"Hi guys! I had a very sad experience at Hilom. When I was about to choose my masseur, only those who were on day-off the other day was shown. I heard Derek, the one who assisted me, shout this out to everyone. I ended up choosing from a fair batch. And since andun nako at sayang naman ang inipon ko lakas ng loob, pili na lang... I am never going back!"

2010-05-05 22:20
"I asked for Kim's sexy pic and that of others yet i have not receive any. The administrator should look into this, just a small thing may turn off your customer"

2010-05-05 04:55
"Who's the better ones? Can anyone please recommend someone? Thank you. I will be arriving in Manila next week and looking for a bit of fun. Thanks. "

2010-05-04 12:30
"@trent. Haha thanx very helpful info. Last na lang - reasonable ba es rate nya? makeme b sha? Thanx thanx"

2010-05-03 23:26
"Yes kurt has a great body now. I've tried him the other day in my hotel. he is superb both in massage and ES. Galing nya. "

2010-05-03 21:31
"i would like to try the ultimo signature body scrub and massage. who would you recommend ? "

2010-05-03 16:31
"@goodday: Yes sir, Deo has decided to go on a different career. @MMM: Kurt is definitely stockier these days. @trent: Good day sir, we currently do not have anyone named vince as part of our staff."

2010-05-03 16:10
"Musta c Edwin, Marvin and Troy when it comes to es and dick size? Thanks"

2010-05-03 12:27
"may massuer ba kayong name nya eh vince?"

2010-05-03 12:23
"@red... hes ok when it comes to es...di sya kagalingan pero maganda body nya..lalaking lalaki"

2010-05-03 12:01
"hi, ano sched ni, brix, dave, john, derek sa hilom? "

2010-05-03 01:04
"I tried massage in Hilom for the first time today..My preferred therapist was unavailable so I was made to choose from those that are available at the moment..I finally decided to choose Jerome. I didn't notice him much in the picture galleries here cos I think he is much good looking in person. He is very friendly and courteous and try to make me feel comfortable while I wait for my turn to be scrubbed cos the room was booked when i arrived. Overall massage experience is good though it could have been better if the therapists outside are not so seems like they are home by the volume of their conversations and the VIP room by criteria must be the best room in Hilom in terms of comfort but apparently not. Hope they be considerate to their clients.."

2010-05-01 21:51
"kurt looks stockier in this photo (summertime 2010) than those of his in the gallery . . . am i right? how tall is he? thanks :-)"

2010-05-01 20:40
"hi wla n b si deo?"

2010-05-01 14:52
"@gerry: Good day sir, that would be Marvin. @MMM: That would be Kurt (in the bonnet) and Troy (in the white sando and shorts)."

2010-05-01 13:01
"So yung pic ni Kurt sa Gallery eh luma na. Yung actual itsu niya eh medyo me laman na siya ngayon. Cute....much better....."

2010-05-01 00:46
"Re: Summertime 2010 (4th photo from the top) May I please know the names of these therapists - guy with the bonnet, and the white sando/shorts clad guy? Thanks :-)"

2010-05-01 00:28
"hi there hilom people. id like to know kung sino ung nasa "summer outing time 2010" pic nyo. nasa 3rd picture, (6 sila sa pics) and sya ung may hawak na food na macho gwapo, beside the guy wearing shades? thanks. ill get him on my next visit. hope to hear from u soon "

2010-04-30 17:21
"@well: that will be Kurt sir."

2010-04-30 17:09
"who tried alvin already? i really find him cute.. who can give me some detail? I really wanna try him..."

2010-04-30 13:00
"Tag "Year 1" sino yung naka V3 t-shirt??"

2010-04-30 01:42
"@Leo: Sir, those in white sandos are troy, dave and kenneth. Please do check out their galleries to see which one you are referring to. "

2010-04-29 21:12
"Sino yung guy sa pic summer 2010 na naka puting sando ng masculado? Thnx"

2010-04-29 02:25
"Check out our new guy's, alvin, photo gallery, updated photos of jiro and the guy's summer outing!"

2010-04-28 10:44
"@trent how is sherwin when it comes to es? Thanx"

2010-04-28 00:51
"dyan pa rin ba si renz sa hilom? who can you recommend n magaling mag massage yung may malaking package . . . ;)"

2010-04-25 15:53
"Good day sir, the nearest mall to Hilom would be Crossings Quezon Ave."

2010-04-25 00:12
"hows JR performance as a masseur? im interested in hiring him"

 john kyle
2010-04-25 00:10
"Hello, what is the nearest mall to Hilom? please advise, merci beaucoup..."

2010-04-23 21:51
"may nksubok na ba kay jr? is he good? how he's dick? "

2010-04-23 15:47
"well i mas dakila yung ari ni kim compare sa iba. hehehe"

2010-04-23 09:49
"@ethan... hahaha... actually i have the same question... sino nga ba? hahaha..."

2010-04-22 13:13
"si sherwin ang malaking titi"

2010-04-21 22:53
"I think everybody does good massage. Sa ugali, syempre iba-iba. Another interesting aside from massage and ugali. Sa experience at palagay nyo, Who has the biggest dick sa Hilom?"

2010-04-20 23:19
"Sana may bagong masahista yung fresh guapo at masculado :)"

2010-04-18 15:25
"just want to commend kim for his exceptional and excellent massage that he gave me. you know tony, kim is a person that everyone will love because of his being nice. i assure you guys that kim will give you a great satisfaction when it comes to massge and e.s. "

2010-04-17 14:25
"Dave and Chico are now at Q! Go visit them and enjoy a relaxing massage only at Q!"

2010-04-15 05:04
"sana po upload nyo ung mga pic nyo s outing nyo. "

2010-04-13 23:40
"kindly update the list of therapist and post your new summer outing..have fun guys...."

2010-04-13 01:22
"We will be open only up to 11pm on April 13 (tues) for our annual summer outing. We will be open on April 14 (wed). Thank you for your understanding."

2010-04-13 01:21
"currently Jerome and Roy are the therapists stationed at Q until Wednesday."

2010-04-12 21:41
"cnu po therapist nyo s Q?"

2010-04-07 09:38
"post holiday blues? Relax and rejuvenate your senses as we give you our most requested promo! A FREE shower rub down from your therapist from April 8-10 (Thurs- Sat)! Call us for more details!"

2010-04-01 11:43
"hi, it will be my first time to visit Hilom, guys.. anyone you recommend? thanks..."

2010-03-30 19:54
"Hilom advisory: hilom will be closed on Thursday (1st April) and Friday (2nd April). Operations will resume on Saturday."

2010-03-27 00:17
"i got brix now, his hands are really magical and very accommodating. thanks to him i can sleep well now. next time again. "

2010-03-26 12:26
"I'm back abroad and miss Hilom so much. I miss ALFRED. But I appreciate he's still keeps in touch. I will be back Dec. this year. More power to Hilom. I am truly one of your highly satisfied customer. I will give you guys good recommendation from my balikbayan friends."

2010-03-25 23:47
"i thought it's difficult for me to booked gardo, but no, this was my first time here but i got him right away. by the way thanks for the good massage, hope i could come back there and try that one you've mention. thanks again.."

2010-03-25 11:05
"This is my very first visit Manila. I will sure to go visit Hilom for massage.Is there anyway some guys you recommend for me to book him? and how much should I tips for those guys? Thanks all"

2010-03-24 21:13
"sana post nyo ung mga pic lhat ng massuer nyo. 2lad ni ralph wl syang pic. cnu sunod nyo n theapist s Q?"

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