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Does Hilom have a jacuzzi, sauna, steam room or wet floor?

  We are moving. We will update the site when the new place is ready.
2 Does Hilom offer home/ hotel outcall services?
  Yes, Hilom does offer home/ hotel outcall services. Our rates are 900PHP for a one hour massage and 1350PHP for a one hour massage with body scrub. This does not include the taxi fare of the therapist to and from your location as well as a customary tip to the therapist
3 When is the best time to pay Hilom a visit?
  We are currently providing outcall services only while we prepare the new location.

Date/Time Comments
2009-06-07 17:03
"i cant wait to visit this place, i was reading the comments and trying to look for names with positive and negative comments sa mga therapists. lance, angelo, gardo and ice were the one the that mentioned the most. out of this four, who do you think would you recommend? please help, i also want my visit to be something worth it! good day everyone!"

2009-06-07 17:03
"kudos to cai..i availed of his service last night sa hotel room ko. ang masasabi ko lng magaling sya magmassage at ung es ill give him 8 out of 10.."

2009-06-07 17:03
"I'm so excited to visit hilom again.. :-) hopefully AJ will be available. I already missed Manila... I'm already bored here in my project assignment.. sigh"

2009-06-07 17:03
"thanks KIM for having such a nice service. thanks also to sir derek for the warm accomodation last monday night. all the best for hilom "

 spa guru
2009-06-07 17:03
"i agree with daniel08. gardo is really an exceptional therapists. He is really professional when it comes to the way he handles his guests - whether massage or e.s. i would say that whatever tip you give gardo, it will be every cent worth it... you might feel na baka baka may utang ka pa after. he he - spa guru"

2009-06-07 17:03
"i got Simon kanina, he ie so gentle and accomodating. magalang and okay. thanks, mauulit muli"

2009-06-07 17:03
"si mark gifted. saka mabait"

2009-06-07 17:03
"i got Gardo kanina around 5 pm. this guy is so amazing!! sobrang bait... napaka accomodating... experience ko sa kanya?? welll....?? two thumbs up!!! sobrang galing at sobrang bait ng guy na to from bacolod city!!! sabi nga e... SMILE PA LANG ULAM NA!!! sobrang sweet... walang arte sa katawan... you know what guys, he offered me two packages... one is worth 500 and the other one is 600... i chose the 600 package... i was expecting him to return my change worth 400 pesos... but he gave me 500!! discount na daw un 100 pesos??!!! that simple gesture, shempre as a customer, you will feel flattered. when it comes to his massage, DAMN!! every part ng katawan mo, pipisilin nya!! you can feel the sensation running through my nerves...!! sobrang sarap!! di naman sa exaggerated ako noh?? pero totoo un... parang turing nya sayo eh matagal mo na sya kilala at parang mapi feel mo na may relasyon kayo while you were with him.. sobramg maalaga... when it comes to E.S... bigla na lang sya gumawa ng moves ng wala cyang inaalok na talent fee... i asked him kung magkano... he answered.. "bahala na daw ako?" hindi cya nagbigay ng price kung magkano... so i offered him 2000... walang dalawang salita.... nagsimula na cya.... di man lang cya nagrequest na dagdagan ko ang talent fee nya??? sobrang heaven ang ginawa nya!! after that... i gave him 2500... it all worth it with this guy... your dream guy... i recommend him na try nyo cya... no regrets pare... "

2009-06-07 17:03
"Do you have a limit as to how many times a masseur can be requested per night? It seems that there are some who are more requested compared to the rest. Baka mapagod siya kung maraming beses gumawa sa isang gabi."

2009-06-07 17:03
"yea agree to one of the comments i just read. i had tried vip twice and both experienced was terrible.. the place is not so big and yet therapsit are roaming around the area and having a a really loud chat as if they're the only people around.. its more VIP upstair than on their actual VIP..nothing againts about anyone nor the management.. just letting you know what's my experienced before and how the management can improve more to retained regular customers.. but to give them credit all the therapist i've tried had a really nice and soothing hands.. massage was really excellent.. kudos to them!"

2009-06-07 17:03
"I've always had a nice time there. My favorite therapist was Joseph who gives excellent massage and body scrub. Very relaxing and friendly service. The ambience is ok, although very cramped. What I don't like is the noise of the masseurs chatting while I'm in the VIP room. However I like the place, it's a refreshing change to the many dubious massage centers sprouting in the metro. It's too bad that I'm working outside of the Philippines but I'll definitely go back there when I go on vacation February next year! "

 john paul
2009-06-07 17:03
"there are many other good therapists from hilom such as angelo, jun, mark, kim to name a few. You can ask the managers and they will be more willing and happy to serve you. Kudos to Hilom!"

2009-06-07 17:03
"i've been trying to get gardo to do the massage for me. but he's always not available, either he is on leave or the one on duty to manage the spa. but now that his not included in the Therapists Gallery of the site, i doubt if i will ever try his service. sayang, magaling pa naman daw siya magmasahe."

2009-06-07 17:03
"I have been going to Hilom and has spend 4 filled up cards already(i think) Its always a real pleasure going there because I love the massage. its a requirement that its a hard massage thats why guys do it better(well some) I have a regular masseur but I also would like to try our Derek who has declined for the longest time- (derek next time ha!) keep it clean and and always uplift your standards on getting new masseurs, you have a showroom, might as well show, handsome and able guys who knows how to do the job well. Keep it up boys!"

2009-06-07 17:03
"Good day sir Tony. Thank you for your suggestion and comment. Yes, we were closed on Nov. 1 but was open on Oct 31st. We are also closed on selected holidays . We typically post an advisory here on the website a few days before for our clients. We apologize, but due to escalating cost we are not able to open 24/7."

2009-06-07 17:03
"Were you closed last Nov 1, 2008? On other public holidays, is the spa normally closed for business? It would be good if you open even on holidays. Or be ope 24 x 7 -- just rotate the theraphists on shifting basis."

2009-06-07 17:03
"Welcome to Hilom's new comments feature. Feel free to leave your comments here. Good or bad. However, we will moderate irrelevant postings."

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