Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hilom have a jacuzzi, sauna, steam room or wet floor?

  We are moving. We will update the site when the new place is ready.
2 Does Hilom offer home/ hotel outcall services?
  Yes, Hilom does offer home/ hotel outcall services. Our rates are 900PHP for a one hour massage and 1350PHP for a one hour massage with body scrub. This does not include the taxi fare of the therapist to and from your location as well as a customary tip to the therapist
3 When is the best time to pay Hilom a visit?
  We are currently providing outcall services only while we prepare the new location.

Date/Time Comments
2011-04-10 13:05
"elo hilom..ask ko lang sna if andyan pa ba c brix sa inyo?thx..:)"

2011-04-09 12:37
"What's the best time and day to catch Simon?"

2011-04-08 22:39
"What would be the best time and day to go so that I'll be sure that Simon is there?"

2011-04-07 06:06
"Hi Richard, hows Gardo's performance? is he good :)"

2011-04-06 21:26
"what happened to BRIX? you should include the height and weight of your masseuse...."

2011-04-05 17:28
"@patz8: Gardo is still very much a part of the hilom family. He is our manager. @den: Kim, Kurt and KC are currently not part of our roster sir (though some of them might return)."

2011-04-03 18:31
"are the list of names in your gallery are the remaining massuers?i noticed kc some of their names wala na like kurt and kim.. thanx! "

2011-04-02 08:16
"is Gardo still a part of your staff?"

2011-03-31 15:06
"@dan: Good day sir, Kurt is no longer a part of the staff of Hilom. Thank you."

2011-03-28 06:09
"hi hilom, i noticed wala na sa picture gallery c kurt umalis na ba sya? "

2011-03-26 20:13
"I haven't been back to Hilom in a long time. Whatever happened to the shirtless photos of your masseurs?"

2011-03-26 00:46
"available si sherwin tonight? saka yung primera "

2011-03-24 17:48
"As per a lot of people's requests! Some of the photo galleries have been updated! Thank you for your patience."

2011-03-24 17:47
"@Toni: Good day sir, Charles is not working with us anymore. How about trying Dice."

2011-03-24 09:13
"Gusto ko lang malaman kung wala na ba si Charles or Charley...or any guys that you can recommend that is over 30 years of age...Maraming salamat "

2011-03-22 12:24
"I had my first experience with Hilom last Saturday before I flew back here in the US. I had John and I had the Ultimo service. The body scrub was not very good but the massage is excellent. I was very satisfied. I was expecting soothing music and lovely scents at the spa but there was none like that though. Overall, John made my experience worth remembering. I gave him quite a sum, my way of saying he was excellent!"

2011-03-22 00:22
"can anyone give comments on Deo's massage and ES? "

2011-03-20 21:05
"@ Darwin C : fyi, the receptionists are either Gardo or Angelo. - Spa Guru"

2011-03-17 16:33
"Good Morning Gardo! Thumbs up to you."

2011-03-16 00:12
"Hi, san po dito sa singapore nag work un ibang massuer na taga HILOM? tnx"

2011-03-15 15:42
"please update gallery... had difficulty really the other day selecting a masseur... the comments here help a lot thoough"

2011-03-15 05:34
"Me to I have a bad experience with dice, please Hilom management please do not allow this kind of people... Pera lang ang habol please..."

 Darwin C.
2011-03-14 20:36
"It was my first time last night at Hilom and I got this boy named RenRen. He was very good at massage and e.i. But I would like to try other therapists I saw there as well. Para naman maranasan ko sila lahat. It was a great place and the best experience. Very accomodating receiptionist/masseur Dice. He's good looking too. Looking forward to visit you again. Try ko naman ang ibang therapists. :) More power to Hilom!"

2011-03-14 16:59
"hi got one of your boys the other day he's got... will you post the other guys' pics... please update gallery thanks"

2011-03-14 01:01
"How about Ralph, KC and Roy? Are they still with Hilom?"

2011-03-13 20:40
"I went there like feb. 25 and met Dice. Not really satisfied for his massage. He massaged me fo less than 30 minutes. though i paid P500.00. Will never get his services."

2011-03-10 05:45
"Hi when will you upload a more recent photos of your masseuse? "

2011-03-09 15:15
"hay salamat naman, i love brix pati rin si gardo, thanx richard"

2011-03-08 04:25
"Good day sirs, no need to worry, Gardo and Brix are still part of our staff. We are just trying to do some housekeeping in our galleries hence some missing photos."

2011-03-06 23:44
"Eugene's massage is highly effective, strong yet very relaxing... plus he s super nice and polite. Will definitely come back, thanks hilom and Eugene"

2011-03-06 15:42
"richard, wala na si brix? favorie ko pa naman sha. bring him back please, alam ko na he was on suspended kasi he missed your party but please bring him back."

2011-03-06 15:35
"richard parang kumonte yung list nyo 4 therapist. sino na naman ang umalis/"

2011-03-05 10:31
"Does Gardo or Brix still work there?"

2011-03-04 18:32
"Good day sir Jo, we have not changed our telephone number, though we do experience some service interruption from our service provider every now and then. We do apologize for this."

2011-03-04 16:23
"have a wonderful day ..."

2011-03-03 00:14
"Have you changed your tel #? coz ive been trying to call d #, but it says d # is incorrect."

2011-02-28 23:37
"Renren was awesome..really good massage, very polite, and very cute was money well spent! he's definitely the best one i've tried here so far..and im a regular..gudjab! :D"

2011-02-27 08:12
"if I may would be good if you update the masseur pics on facebook if you cannot update your galleries. we your customers cannot help but ask for updates on our favorite masseurs...btw, regards kay gardo."

2011-02-26 10:08
"Hi to admin, baka pwede paki upadate naman mga pics ng therapists mukang malayo na sa tunay. tnx"

2011-02-23 13:15
"Good day sir Toyo, we do have outcall services. Please do call us to book an appointment. All the guys that you have mentioned are still part of the Hilom staff."

2011-02-22 12:38
"Just read through all the comments and am a bit confused now as to who is 'in' and who is 'out' I'd like an updated list of therapists as well. Well, who of these are still working there? Brix, Dave, Jordan, Michael, Simon? Thanks."

2011-02-22 12:35
"Do the therapists do out calls? I'd like to have a massage in the comfort of my home sometimes."

2011-02-16 21:47
"i was there 2 wks ago i had eugene..hes very good in the massage..guys u should try him"

2011-02-16 00:35
"I had Renren last Saturday and hands down, he's the best among all those I've tried in Hilom. Walang arte, game sya, at ang galing."

2011-02-15 00:16
"happy valentine gardo"

2011-02-14 22:20
"Happy Valentines Day everyone!"

2011-02-07 20:36
"Good day sirs, be rest assured that we do not ignore any of the posts or criticisms that we receive and we do act accordingly and try our best to meet all the requests as our time and resources permit."

2011-02-05 21:05
"If there is a complaint that the website is outdated I think the polite thing to do is update the website as soon as possible or at least inform the customer that the complaint will be dealt with accordingly. It has been almost a week and there is not even a reply from the administrator. Please don't ignore constructive criticism like this one."

2011-02-02 09:27
"Can anyone comment on John's services? Anyone had a good experience with him?"

2011-01-31 21:28
"i tried sherwin and he is very good masseur. he is very charming and accommodating and his massage is very relaxing. thanks, sherwin! ;)"

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