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Does Hilom have a jacuzzi, sauna, steam room or wet floor?

  We are moving. We will update the site when the new place is ready.
2 Does Hilom offer home/ hotel outcall services?
  Yes, Hilom does offer home/ hotel outcall services. Our rates are 900PHP for a one hour massage and 1350PHP for a one hour massage with body scrub. This does not include the taxi fare of the therapist to and from your location as well as a customary tip to the therapist
3 When is the best time to pay Hilom a visit?
  We are currently providing outcall services only while we prepare the new location.

Date/Time Comments
2010-10-30 16:31
"Hilom Advisory: Hilom will be closed on Oct 31 (Sun). We will resume operations on Nov 1 (Mon) with normal operating hours. Thank you for your understanding."

2010-10-29 18:03
"pls post jonathan's and other new masseurs' pictures in your's a big come on to see new and fresh ones who will provide fresh touches..."

2010-10-29 16:04
"I can attest to Hilom's statement that most of their guys help each other out, sometimes the masseur you want is unavailable and they would tell you who they'd suggest. It is something i thought was endearing about the ge had... "

2010-10-29 01:56
"I have tried Jonathan, the new masseur. He's very polite and accommodating and really knows how to massage. Jonathan is quite makwento so you won't feel bored. "

2010-10-25 15:35
"@wyl: we currently do not have any plans for any promos yet but we will definitely update this space should we have any."

2010-10-25 15:34
"@nono and xapji: Actually sir, Michael was removed due to not following our policies for our staff (such as attendance and discipline). As most of our guests can attest, our staff treat other with respect and even recommends other co-workers to our quests upon request. "

2010-10-25 09:03
"Hello Hilom People, any forthcoming promo /activities for the month of November? Thanks. More Power!"

2010-10-25 06:54
"I was the other one who requested for the return of Michael. Probably I was also the reason why he was canned. You see as in any other businesses jealousy always exist. I happened to request Michael's services whenever I am in the Pacific region and at times at the last minute of hilom's business hours I requests for Michael"s home service at my condo at global city and most times I treat the guy for breakfast,lunch or dinner but never on times when he is on duty at hilom. Possibly somebody knew it so it might have been a minor job infraction, but i like to treat the guy to eat in nice places a way to say thanks for his excellent services. I might be wrong....but who knows I'm just happy they gt him back since I will be in the area again in early January next year."

2010-10-23 07:01
"how much would you normally tip brix or gardo?"

2010-10-23 04:34
"@ ric - had micheal on several occasions, the fist time was a few years back, i was uneasy going to hilom during the peak evenings so i opted to go for hotel/out call services which was a bit more money, plus i would have to foot for the room. When Michael came he looked clean and fresh, with a very big smile that put me at ease, he sat by the bed and started to chat me up and asked how i wanted the massage, If you frequent or regularly take massages you'll know 5 minutes into the massage if the person knows what they are doing, Well, he's not perfect but I'd give him a 7 or 8.5, it was never hurried, and the pressure was always adjusted to my liking. When i was asked to flip over he continued to do the massage until my entire body was done then and only then did he show his true prowess, “gifted” is what michael is when it comes to his services, I'm quite a scrooge with my hard earned cash and the extra money i paid for everything including the additional for the out call and hotel room was worth every peso. That and if you noticed there are only a handful of hairy masseurs in the Hilom stable. Give Michael a try, I know that at least two of us here that recently asked for him back and obviously its a sound management decision for both Hilom and Michael, Hilom keeps their regular clients happy and it gives michael a "buzz" for his services. - again More power to Hilom... I would also like to see more (newer) photos of the guys but i was told that the Photographer's hours are a bit restrained. Maybe someone here who is a professional photog could offer a free photo shoot? hehe share in the wealth?"

2010-10-23 02:18
"hi hilom, sino yung nasa facebook photoalbum "email postcards", yung dalawa na nakasando na black. thanks"

2010-10-20 16:55
"even gardo looks a lot better and different now compared to his gallery pix. i'd like to see the latest look of the masseurs pls..thanks hilom"

2010-10-20 16:31
"Good day sirs, Please be reminded to keep the discussion only to the massage services that we offer and/or recommendations, comments regarding how a masseur handled you during your session. Comments of other transactional nature will NOT be approved for posting. Thank you for your understanding."

2010-10-19 10:44
"Hilom..ang dami nang nag request to update the pictures sa gallery..yung pics nila sa gallery hindi na nila kamukha...por favor...take a look at kurt...maskulado na pat patin pa sa gallery...please lang i think it's time to update the pictures...para bumenta naman noh."

2010-10-18 22:54
"hi guys, pls share naman kayo ng experience nyo kay michael and/or simon. thanks"

2010-10-18 10:00
"hi, is ralph still with hilom? "

2010-10-18 09:15
"hi i heard that u have new masseur but not in the gallery ,hope u could post their pics so that we ave an idea whom to pic when we go there thanks"

2010-10-17 15:46
"Thats's sad to hear that another pillar of Hilom has left, but if its for the better, then Im proud to say that they made a better life for themselves after Hilom. Sad, I will miss Derek."

2010-10-16 18:44
"Please post a picture of new masseur.. then tell waht massgae he can give.. like swedish or whatever and tell them something.thanks"

2010-10-16 02:43
"Good day sirs, seems we have a lot of questions regarding Derek leaving of Hilom. Indeed Derek was our first manager and our longest standing employee at Hilom. We are sad to see him go, and we wish him well in his own business and new endeavor. "

2010-10-15 18:25
"hilom..just curious why derek is no longer with you, pls elaborate if you can... michael is a delightful news, looking forward to schedule with him. any feedback from readers how great he is. thanks."

2010-10-15 10:53
"thanks to marvin! he's good and very accomodating. I enjoyed the massage. "

2010-10-14 14:27
"it was a wise and sound business decision in bringing back michael. he is one of a kind, his gentle touch and excellent techniques is very soothing. thanks hilom"

2010-10-14 02:26
"@anonymous: No sir, mike and michael are two different guys. We have returned michael's gallery now that he is back. Also check out Charles' gallery!"

2010-10-13 17:44
"is mike in the current picture profile the same as michael that hilom just recalled back?"

2010-10-11 16:46
"@guest1234: Sir, si John po ang may hawak ng saging at si JR naman po yung may goatee. "

2010-10-11 06:52
"sa summertime 2010 pictures, sinoy yung may hawak ng saging? sa pool picture, sino yung may balbas na katabi nung exposed ang half body?"

2010-10-10 12:00
"I was informed by management that Michael's back! Its such a pleasure to hear that Hilom's proprietor(s) listen and give consideration to their customers's requests, I was not the only one who requested Michael to come back and within a week or so Mr hairy guy is back in hilom's stable! So impressive that a place like hilom does things like this for us! More power! This is probably the reason you guys have such a following! "

 Purple Knights
2010-10-09 11:32
"magkanu ung service ni gardo???? "

2010-10-08 15:38
"hilom advisory: derek is no longer a part of our staff."

2010-10-06 21:15
"hi hilom may i know who is your newest and youngest masseur? tnx"

2010-10-06 14:21
"@makati - i'd honestly suggest dave, a tenured guy, he's excellent giving a massage, and he's big (body and.... Practically a tripod lol) @nono & management - yes please give rethink hiring michael back! You guys only have a handful of hairy guys and he's both hairy and gifted. "

2010-10-03 22:55
"Hi! Heard that you have a new masseur named Jonathan. Any feedback from him? I know someone who tried him before in another spa said that he's really good!"

2010-10-03 09:17
"Hello Hilom people, what ur latest rainy season's promo?More Power!"

2010-10-03 09:15
"sa queeriosity ba may mga therapist din? im planning mag hotel na lang kasi para kung meron sa manila dun na lang. or just in case from hilom masseur pupunta manila ano rate un? "

2010-10-03 05:47
"@louie yup he was a total package of a great therapist. gardo's heavenly touch is unique of its kind, just prefers smack kisses though, nevertheless a great masseur too. @tim..come on! don't tell me you are naive!"

2010-09-30 21:10
"@anonymous, hi really brix is a good kisser? how about gardo? thanks for the info"

2010-09-29 17:55
"brix is a good kisser..he knows how to take you in another world..."

 makati boy
2010-09-29 09:13
"sino ang available hotel service sa makati area? ung mascular built less than 30 yrs of age"

2010-09-28 13:23
"Hi I heard Jerom is intense, in what area in e.s. ? is he a good kisser? please send you comment!"

2010-09-27 09:00
"nasubukan ko na si Gardo, super galing magmasahe at very gentleman. worth it ang binayad ko sa kanya.. Any suggestion kung sino mas magaling kaysa kay Gardo? May naka experience na ba kay Sherwin? kay Kurt? Sino mas malaki nota sa kanila lahat?"

2010-09-21 18:51
"gardo...iba sa lahat ang mga haplos mo, ang bango bango mo at sobrang linis sa katawan, babalikan kita."

2010-09-21 18:50
"hindi ko malimutan ang ES mo Brix...naglawa ako ng husto.."

2010-09-21 15:54
"What was the reason why Michael was sacked? Too bad he was very acommodating. and good. at what he does.Is there a possibility he can be re-instated."

2010-09-20 18:57
"i would like to ask what time is gardo available at hilom? Do i need some schedule to him"

2010-09-18 22:47
"Talagang pilyo humawak si gardo. miss ko na mga hipo ng kanyang kamay. See you soon gardo 1st week of october."

2010-09-15 06:31
"Gardo's touch was pliyo, i luv it. he is, so carinoso and magalang, had a great time. Also experienced Brix, sulit ang ES. Wow, super himbing ako sa tulog kagabi sa sarap. Both highly recommended"

2010-09-14 21:15
"Any other reviews on Sherwin? He looks fine to me. Please share your experiences with him. Send it to my email -- "

2010-09-14 20:50
"i had jr on my last visit. mediocre service from massage to extra but that was last april. nevertheless i gave him more than he deserves because he's nice to talk with. "

2010-09-14 13:51
"any reviews on jiro? malaki ba kargada nya? and maarte ba sya when it comes to ES? nagpapahalik ba? How much ba usually ang charge nila sa ES?"

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